A historic countryhouse restaurant. A famous young chef. The most prized delicatessen in the world.

Live your perfect culinary experience in the Culatello Land

Take an immersive journey through ancient recipes and the greatest cured meats.

Traditional & Authentic

the Restaurant

La Bastia is a historic country house owned by the Cerioli Family, pork raisers and cured meat producers since 1998. In the same place, in the heart of Culatello Land (Zibello, Bassa parmense), you find a  restaurant, a tasting cellar, the factory, the maturation cellar and the shop. The restauranti is managed by a very young, creative and awarded local Chef, Chiara Giandini. The hosting manager (and farmer) is Eros Basile.

At the restaurant you can experience an authentic culinary journey; you’ll discover the importance of using fresh, locally sourced ingredients to taste perfect traditional dishes. You’ll sit down and eat the wonderful fruit of land, season and tradition. You will also discover the art of pairing exquisite local wines with your meal, enhancing the overall dining experience.

Eros and Chiara will guide you through the secrets of authentic Parmesan cuisine, sharing the passion for cooking and their family’s cherished recipes. Parmigiano-Reggiano, Culatello, Homemade Egg pasta, fine meats… the corner stones of this adventure.

An ecosystem within an ecosystem

Our Philosophy

Have you seen sturgeons? Stop dreaming, you know they had to leave the Great River.
We’ll have to abandon it then, too.
A willow tree doesn’t choose where to live.

This space is aware that it is an ecosystem that is in turn part of a larger ecosystem that nourishes and feeds on. They mutually acquire identities, recognising us, moulding and contaminating each other. The Ecosystem, as the ability to integrate, to create new connections, to discover and retrace new ones to discover and retrace ancient ones, to engrave and direct the present. A window on the world, anchored in the Bassa.

.the First Level

is the one delimited by the contours and characteristics of the room, where the outdoor space is worth as much as and more than the internal one. The summer and winter vegetable garden, the greenhouse, the aromatic herbs, the beehives, geese and chickens, the orchard. Knowledge of the past, awareness of current issues, construction of the future.

.the Second Level

is the local one, made up of canals, cart roads, poplar woods and ancient oaks, streams and banks that lead to the Great River, farms, farmhouses, sharecropping, cow farms, Parmesan production, new ethnic groups, new jobs, abandonments and distances, asphalt roads and bombastic tractors, stories told in the stables and beds warmed with embers. Here we find poplar mushrooms, catfish, dolls, vertis, mulberries, snails, cured meats, anolini, tortelli, boiled meats, mustard, bargnoli and wild roses.

.the Third Level

is the global one, not just a scenario, a background, but as if to be lived with the consciousness that Alan Turing suggested to us, in an essay of 1950: “The displacement of a single electron by a billionth of a centimeter, at a given moment, could mean the difference between two very different events, like the killing of a man a year later,  because of an avalanche, or his salvation.” We are infinitely small and at the same time incredibly capable of determining the fate of any other entity in any part of the Universe. Then we will not ignore this power of ours, we will not ignore the sprouting of a baobab tree, an Indian farmer being expropriated, the increase in consumption of shrimps, a particle of water stuck for millions of years in an iceberg that comes to the surface from the depths of the ocean.

Much more than a dish that feeds, entering, staying, returning represents nourishment, to be understood and known.

Nourishment to be understood

Nourishment to be understood

It means entering a mental dimension that closes behind your being of this moment and leaves you free to take on a different identity each time. Each time it will be a new experience, which will leave you with something.

This will happen by savoring dishes that tell a story; at the base of a tasty and well-balanced set of thoughtful ingredients, there is a journey in time and space, connecting the past and the future, a place lived in with a dreamed one. Traditional themes merge with today’s issues and together we contribute to the achievement of the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals.

choosing who to be, how to be

Crossing the border

you will find the ancestral sturgeon next to a tajine, a legume burger next to the anolini in “quinta” bouillon.

You can choose who you are, how to be, look to the past or project yourself into the future, be along the Great River or in Samarkand, put yourself in the shoes of Gianfrancesco Pallavicino tasting a slice of culatello or eating an African yum. Tradition lives next to you and you will recognize it by the objects near the tables, placed here and there with apparent carelessness, often different according to the seasons.

just like home

Come and stay, as long as you want

you can sit on an armchair on the patio, watch the robin eating a berry, or listen to the woodpecker beating the mighty lime trees, you can hear the peacock in love and in the meantime read or hold a branch smoothed by the Po or listen to an aria by Angelo Frondoni. You are at home, in one of the thousands of homes you have in the world, take what you need and leave something of yourself.

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your soul’s place

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We are open from Wednesday to Sunday

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Via Bastia, 4, 43016 Pieveottoville PR

La Bastia - Bottega

Historical Products

the Shop

Join Us for an unforgettable day of food shopping, find out the most significant and historical gastronomic products.


Wednesday through Friday
9:00 am – 8:00 pm

Saturday and Sunday
10:00 am – 8:00 pm

the Cellar

Cured Meats Cellar

Discover the ancient process of the Culatello  and the others artisanal cured meats aging.

La Cantina di Stagionatura - La Bastia
La Cantina di Stagionatura - La Bastia